Suresource is the blog site for SU
which in turn is the bookstore for Scripture Union, South Africa.
Confused? Here’s what we mean:

About SUresource

We realise that learning is a lifestyle and that the greatest leaders are those who keep on learning. We also realise that in order to keep growing you need to keep eating. With the internet at everyone’s fingertips today, there is an overabundance of food to choose from, but what is healthy and what is not? How do we sift through the fast-food of today’s instant knowledge to find those wholesome, life-giving meals (served by experienced, trained chefs) that will make us stronger?

And that is where suresource was born. We want to help you by bringing you articles that we believe can grow you, your leadership, your family and your ministry. Everyday we sift through articles on family, church life and leadership and link to the best of them from our website. Then we let you know about them: via email, Facebook and Twitter. So why don’t you follow us on one of these channels and let us be your waiters at the table of learning?

About SU books

SU Books, formerly known as Scripture Union Bookshop, was launched in 1951. Since then we have been supplying books and resources to churches, small groups and individuals. We currently have three physical stores in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban as well as a new online store. We specialise in resources and materials for church ministries (youth, children, evangelism, etc) and small groups (bible studies, women’s groups, etc). We also have a wide range of products for individuals and families, including children’s books and daily devotions.

Over the years we have developed a reputation for stocking books that are theologically reliable (see our Statement of Faith) so that customers can feel safe when choosing a book from our shelves, whether they are shopping for themselves, for a gift for others, or for a resource for ministry to others.

About Scripture Union

“Scripture Union South Africa is part of an international, inter-denominational, non-profit organisation. We are a specialist youth movement, focussed on relational, contextual evangelism to non-Christian children and teenagers. Our goal is the development of whole persons, balanced in their spiritual, social, mental and physical growth. It is these young people who will shape the future of South Africa.”

Scripture Union has its origins in London in the 1860’s and came to South Africa in the 1920’s. We currently have offices in 10 regions around South Africa, with field workers engaging with young people through camps, holidays clubs, school Christian groups and lifeskills training. For more on the history and work of SU go to our Scripture Union South Africa website.